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Whale Fossils


Whale and Manatee Fossils

Whale (Cetacean) Vertebra. From North Carolina, U.S.A. These are found along with Megalodon and Mako teeth in the same locations and make a good companion fossil. In life the Megalodon would have preyed on Whales, and this is evidence in the rib fossils that are found with shark tooth bite marks.

Ref: WhaleVertebra7

Size: 8.5cm wide

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Ref: WhaleVertebra8

Size: 7.5cm wide 

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Ref: WhaleVertebra9

Size: 13.5cm wide

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Ref: WhaleVertebra10

Size: 14.0cm wide

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Ref: WhaleVertebra11

Size: 13.0cm wide

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Ref: WhaleVertebra12

Size: 15.5cm wide

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 Ref: WhaleVertebra21

Size: 13.5cm x 10.0cm x 9.0cm  A Large and very solidly preserved vertebra.

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Ref: WhaleAtlasVertebra22

A nice Atlas vertebra from a juvenile Whale.  Size: 13.0cm long

Size: 8.5cm long

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 Ref: WhaleAtlasVertebra23

A nice Atlas vertebra from a juvenile Whale.    Size: 13.0cm long

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 Ref: WhaleVertebra24

Size: 8.5cm long 

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Manatee/Dugong/Sea Cow

Manatee tooth cap found in the Suwannee River, Florida, USA. Trichechus manatus sp.  Age is dated to have lived sometime between 1.8 Million years and just 10,000 years ago.  Size is in Cm's.   Mr Sea-cow Dugong manatee,  Manatees belong to the family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus, and are large aquatic mammals sometimes known as sea cows, and are also related to the Dugongs.



 Ref: Manatee4

Size: 1.5cm

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 Ref: Manatee5

Size:  1.4cm

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 Ref: Manatee6

Size: 1.6cm

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